The Authors

Pradip Acharya

Pradip graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology in 1967 and completed his Ph.D. in Oceanography from Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada in 1972. His early computer training on then supreme IBM 1620 mainframe in India drew attention and led to a career in software development in the Earth Sciences field in Canada. He contributed major modules on a royalty basis to the exploration systems offered by Geosoft Inc. world wide. In the 80's, Pradip managed major software assignments in Germany in particular and also in the USSR, South Africa and so on. Later Pradip joined BP in Toronto and after BP left Canada in 1992, he went on his own and (foolishly) opted for FoxPro as the platform for developing Operations Management systems for Autoshop, Store Management, Real Estate and to some extent, Agricultural sectors. Now technically retired, Pradip is still involved with assisting customers and fulfilling his wish list in areas of R&D.
Pradip is proud to have received a medal from the Government of Canada for participating in the first ever North-South circumnavigation of the world in mankind's history via both poles by the Canadian ship Hudson in 1970. He is one of the few to have traversed the Arctic before Global Warming took hold. He is now trying to locate the priceless pictures taken during the voyage, pictures which at the time were not considered worth preserving.

Marcia Akins Kramek

Marcia Akins is a FoxPro MVP, independent consultant and joint owner of Tightline Computers Inc. based in Akron, Ohio. A veteran conference speaker, she has published widely and is well known for her contributions to Foxite:, Tek-Tips: and the Universal Thread:


Rainer Becker

Rainer Becker is the leader of the German Foxpro user group dFPUG since 1993. There he publishes the quarterly loose leaf magazine FoxxProfessional (200 pages per issue), runs an interactive German forum at as well as a large document portal based on sharepoint at and an eNewsletter at He organizes the yearly German VFP Devcon since 1994, see Since 2003 he is the publisher of the wellknown RAD framework Visual Extend, see or For some time he was editor of FoxTalk Magazine and since March 2008 he published it under the new name FoxRockX, see
He is a speaker at various Microsoft events like FoxPro roadshows (, the Microsoft DevDays, CeBIT as well as WebCasts. The last presentation for Microsoft was at the MS Launch event in February 2008. At Europes largest computer fair CeBIT he was at the Microsoft VFP demo machine from 1993 to 2005. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional and received the MVP Community Lifetime Award in 2007. His main profession is consulting work for VFP projects at Wizards Builders GmbH and non profit work for ISYS GmbH (the incorporated German FoxPro user group).

Jim Booth

Jim Booth is a database software developer currently employed by In a previous life Jim was an independent developer specializing in database software. He has written a number of books on the subject of Visual FoxPro software development with various coauthors and has been technical editor for books on Visual FoxPro programming and database software development. Jim has also written many articles for a number of technical journals for database software development. He has spoken at conferences in the US, Canada, and Europe. Jim has addressed many user groups both in the US and Canada. He has also taught programming in Visual FoxPro in the US and Europe. He has been honored by Microsoft with the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award every year from 1993 through 2003. Jim has also successfully completed the Microsoft certification process and is a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Toni M. Feltman

Toni Feltman, a Microsoft Certified Professional, is an experienced software developer, project manager, instructor and speaker. She is Vice President and a Partner at F1 Technologies and is still an integral part of the company. During her 16 years at F1 Technologies she has served as both a developer and project manager on numerous projects and as Product Manager for the highly successful FoxExpress product line. Toni is a well known contributor to the Visual FoxPro development community. She has spoken at most major FoxPro conferences in North America and Europe. Although Toni has expertise in a number of areas, she generally focuses her presentations on Team Development, XML, n-Tier Development and new features in Visual FoxPro. Toni has penned several articles for Advisor Guide to Microsoft Visual FoxProand is co-author of Making Sense of Sedna and SP2 and What's New in Visual FoxPro 9.0 (Hentzenwerke Publishing). Toni also designed and developed Project HookX, a VFPX utility designed to allow developers to manage and use multiple project hooks on a single Visual FoxPro Project. Toni is one of several co-authors of DBCX, a public domain data dictionary tool used or supported by many notable Visual FoxPro products including the Stonefield Data Dictionary, Visual FoxExpress, FoxFire! and Stonefield Query. Toni taught for several years at the University of Toledo on a wide variety of technologies including Microsoft Office applications, XML, various Internet development technologies and database design and programming. Toni also enjoyed a stint as an instructor for AppDev. Toni's introduction to the FoxPro community came while she worked in the technical support department at Fox Software. Toni was a senior level support technician and Sysop of the Fox Software Forum on CompuServe. Toni graduated from Bowling Green State University in 1989 with a BA in Management Information Systems.

Tamar E. Granor

Tamar E. Granor, Ph.D., is the owner of Tomorrow's Solutions, LLC. She has developed and enhanced numerous Visual FoxPro applications for businesses and other organizations. She currently focuses on working with other developers through consulting and subcontracting. Tamar is the author or co-author of nine books including the award-winning Hacker's Guide to Visual FoxPro and Microsoft Office Automation with Visual FoxPro. Her most recent books are Taming Visual Fox-Pro's SQL and What's New in Nine: Visual FoxPro's Latest Hits. Her books are available from Hentzenwerke Publishing ( Tamar is a Microsoft Certified Professional and a Microsoft Support Most Valuable Professional. Tamar frequently speaks about Visual FoxPro at conferences and user groups in North America and Europe, including every FoxPro DevCon since 1993. You can reach her at or through

Uwe Haberman

Uwe works for the German-speaking FoxPro User Group (dFPUG) as well as for several software and system houses as a freelancer. He is the product manager of the well-known Rapid Application Development Framework Visual Extend. Uwe is a Microsoft Certified Professional for VFP. He has been given lectures at numerous regional meetings since 1996 and at the VFP developer conference in Frankfurt since 2000 and the Prague VFP DevCon since 2004 as well as at Developer Events in Bucharest, Bunnik, and Paris. He is doing workshops, and one-day user meetings regularly, as well as individual coaching. Uwe is the general manager of Habermann Consulting EOOD, located in Varna, Bulgaria. Based on his long-year experience, Habermann Consulting ( is focused to realize FoxPro projects. Email:

Doug Hennig

Doug Hennig is a partner with Stonefield Systems Group Inc. and Stonefield Software Inc. He is the author of the award-winning Stonefield Database Toolkit (SDT); the award-winning Stonefield Query; the MemberData Editor, Anchor Editor, and CursorAdapter and DataEnvironment builders that come with Microsoft Visual FoxPro; and the My namespace and updated Upsizing Wizard in Sedna. Doug is co-author of the "What's New in Visual FoxPro" series (the latest being "What's New in Nine") and "The Hacker's Guide to Visual FoxPro 7.0." He was the technical editor of "The Hacker's Guide to Visual FoxPro 6.0" and "The Fundamentals." All of these books are from Hentzenwerke Publishing ( Doug wrote over 100 articles in 10 years for FoxTalk and has written numerous articles for FoxPro Advisor and Advisor Guide. He has spoken at every Microsoft FoxPro Developers Conference (DevCon) since 1997 and at user groups and developer conferences all over the world. He is one of the administrators for the VFPX VFP community extensions Web site ( He has been a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 1996. Doug was awarded the 2006 FoxProCommunity Lifetime Achievement Award ( LifetimeAchievementAward~VFP). Web: and, Email:, Blog:

Whil Hentzen

Whil Hentzen is an independent software developer based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (as opposed to Milwaukee, Minnesota, as many people think.) His writing has killed many trees over the years, but none since 2007. He has realized he really sort of misses it. You can reach him at

Venelina Jordanova

Venelina has been a FoxPro developer since FoxPro for DOS version 2.0. She is specialized in database development and designing application architecture. She is a Microsoft Certified Professional for SQL Server, and for Analyzing Requirements and Defining Solution Architectures. Venelina has been a regular speaker at the German VFP developer conference since 2003, and the VFP DevCon in Prague since 2004, and spoke at Developer Events in Bucharest, Bunnik, Paris, Varna, Burgas, and Sofia. She has written several technical articles for FoxTalk and FoxX Professional. Venelina is the lead developer of the well-known Rapid Application Development Framework Visual Extend. Venelina is working together with Uwe Habermann in the company V&U Ltd, located in Varna, Bulgaria. Based on their long-year experience, V&U ( is focused to realize FoxPro projects.

Andy Kramek

Andy Kramek is an old FoxPro developer, FoxPro MVP, independent consultant and joint owner of Tightline Computers Inc. based in Akron, Ohio. A veteran conference speaker, he has published widely and can be found on-line at Foxite (, Tek-Tips ( and in the Virtual FoxPro User Group ( Email:


John Kullmann

John has over 20 years of experience serving as the executive business contact responsible for client satisfaction for wide variety of companies. He is the executive interface to all Utility company clients. He consistently provides excellent customer service to accounts, as well as representing client needs and goals within the organization to ensure quality. He has led teams to deliver strong and sustainable results, overcoming the many competitive challenges of multiple industries and technologies. Providing solid leadership and direction, he has developed teams and built departments which have proven to be key asset for the organization. Prior to his current role, John was recruited to Six Sigma Qualtec to revitalize and restructure weak international sales and marketing efforts. His role was to generate new business opportunities by identifying qualified prospects and establishing and managing new business relationships. He continues to utilize all Six Sigma and Lean tools while ensuring delivery of high client satisfaction.

Ken Levy

Ken Levy is the president and founder of MashupX, LLC, specializing in consulting for community building around products and services, guerilla marketing techniques, multimedia creation, and software technology. Ken is a consultant for EPS Software as a community and marketing specialist, and the co-host of CodeCast a podcast show associated with CoDe Magazine. Prior to starting MashupX, Ken worked at Microsoft as the product manager for Visual FoxPro, a product planner on the Windows Live Platform team, and the community program manager for VSX (Visual Studio Extensibility). Ken is a long time recognized member of the FoxPro community, created GenScrnX for FoxPro 2.x and many VFP components including the Class Browser. You can find Ken’s blog at, or contact Ken at

Boudewijn Lutgerink

Boudewijn Lutgerink is the president of Lutgerink Economical Software Architects, a company that specializes in creating budget neutral software for customers.He is a fox developer since version 2.6 for windows, coming from Clipper. Pretty soon after he started working with a beta version of VFP3.His neighbor, John Zijlstra YAFG (yet another Fox geek), was responsible for that.
Boudewijn is a regular visitor of and author of many articles on different aspects of software development.Being the author of books on Linux (Sybex) and J# (Sybex) he is now working on a book about the NetCompiler for VFP. His big love (next to his Wife and VFP) is in trying to explain highly technical stuff in normal everyday language so that even non-geeks can understand it.Boudewijn was VFP-MVP in 2007 and 2008.
If not developing software, or writing about it, Boudewijn can be found in the fields with his border collies herding sheep or cooking a meal (he started his working career as a cook long time ago) or playing the flute. He lives in the Netherlands in the area of Arnhem.

Michael Niethammer

Michael Niethammer is founder and CEO of TMN Systemberatung GmbH, Ilsfeld, Germany. TMN is a consulting company specializing in developing database applications using FoxPro data or SQL-Server.Since 1988 he has been programming with FoxPro. As technical lead he is focused on C#, WPF and Silverlight. TMN is a Microsoft certified partner for several years. Michael is a well known speaker at several conferences and user group meetings in and out of Germany. You can find his blog on or contact him via mail  Infos concerning his company can be found here:

Cathy Pountney

Cathy Pountney has been developing software for almost three decades and is proud to have earned the Microsoft Visual FoxPro MVP Award seven years in a row. She is equally proud to have had the opportunity to work as a subcontractor onsite in Redmond with the Microsoft Fox Team in 2001. Cathy enjoys writing articles for various Fox magazines as well as writing books. She authored "The Visual FoxPro Report Writer: Pushing it to the Limit and Beyond" and co-authored "Visual FoxPro Best Practices for the Next Ten Years" and "Making the Most of Sedna and SP2". Cathy participates in her local FoxPro user group (GRAFUG) and speaks at other user groups when time permits. She has spoken at numerous conferences including GLGDW, Essential Fox, Advisor DevCon, DevTeach, and of course, her favorite, Southwest Fox. For the past several years, Cathy has worked for Memorial Business Systems writing software for the cemetery and funeral home industry which proves ... Fox is NOT dead!

Patrick Schaerer

Patrick E. Schärer is the CEO of Business & System ( since 1993. Starting with dBASE and FoxPro/Windows his main profession is to maximize the practical usage of object orientation within Visual FoxPro since VFP 3.0. His extensive teaching experience was bundled into his book “The Visual FoxPro application developer” (Addison Wesley). He worked as consultant and software architect on multiple medium and large VFP projects. During this work he developed his own methodology of project management based on UML / Use case analysis covering all phases from requirement analysis to implementation. He uses the same approach in .NET to answer the question how a clean project architecture can be designed for professional data based applications. In the last years he worked with Silverlight and RIA services. He offers developer trainings for XAML, WPF, SL, WCF, RIA. You can reach him at

Rick Schummer

Rick Schummer is the president and lead geek at White Light Computing, Inc., headquartered in southeast Michigan, USA. He prides himself in guiding his customers' Information Technology investment toward success. After hours you might find him creating developer tools that improve developer productivity, or writing articles for his favorite Fox periodicals. Rick is a co-author of Visual FoxPro Best Practices for the Next Ten Years, What's New In Nine: Visual FoxPro's Latest Hits, Deploying Visual FoxPro Solutions, MegaFox: 1002 Things You Wanted To Know About Extending Visual FoxPro, and 1001 Things You Always Wanted to Know About Visual FoxPro. He is a regular presenter at user groups in North America and has enjoyed presenting at GLGDW, Essential Fox, VFE DevCon, Southwest Fox, German DevCon, Advisor DevCon, and OzFox conferences. Rick is also an organizer for Southwest Fox and an administrator on VFPX. You can contact him via email at, or his company Web site:, and read more of his thoughts on VFP in his blog Shedding Some Light (

Eric Selje

Eric Selje is a software developer in Madison, WI. He has been programming in Fox since 1986. He founded MadFox, the Madison FoxPro User Group, in 1995 when he realized understanding VFP 3.0 would take a group effort. In 2008 he came full circle, starting his own consulting firm, Salty Dog Solutions LLC. When he's not plumbing the depths of what FoxPro can do or learning new technologies, Eric can often be found on the Ultimate field, the baseball diamond, or at home reading to his children.


Christof Wollenhaupt

Christof Wollenhaupt is the owner of foxpert Softwareentwicklung und Beratung. foxpert is one of Germany's leading FoxPro companies with offices in several states. We offer FoxPro and .NET development and consulting services as well as a number of vertical market applications in the healthcare business. We are currently hiring. More information on Christof founded foxpert in 1996. He's been a regular speaker at international conferences and user groups since 1997, an international author for half a dozen magazines, a contributing editor to FoxPro Advisor for a decade and a Microsoft MVP for 13 years. He's the organizer of the monthly Microsoft Database Developer meeting in Hamburg.

Mike Yearwood

Mike Yearwood - awarded Microsoft MVP - Visual FoxPro in 2008 - is the senior systems analyst and owner of Fox Ridge Software Inc., a Toronto-based developer of custom desktop and web-based software for various industries. Mike has more than 30 years of experience in IT and has been developing with Fox products since FoxBase version 1.02. mike.yearwood at