New kids on the block

Rainer Becker

And here they come: A new book about Visual FoxPro has been sent to the printer today, and printed copies will be available in September 2009. It is the rewritten version of the best-selling Visual FoxPro book of all time: Effective Techniques for Application development with Visual FoxPro 6.0 by Jim Booth and Steve Sawyer from Hentzenwerke Publishing. Jim Booth has reworked and updated it for Visual FoxPro 9.0, but it is still valid for all versions. And why do we say kids instead of kid? Because this book, Effective Application development with Visual FoxPro comes in two flavours, English and German at the same time!

You can order the English edition in the international shop of the dFPUG at For the German edition please visit or send us an order by e-mail. The PDF version will be available right away when you have received the printed copy of this FoxRockX issue, the printed books arrive in our shelves in the same month. Please note: As usual, the PDF version is provided free with all orders of printed copies.

And for the next FoxRockX issue we will hopefully have good news of the same kind, too: We are just putting the finishing touch to another book, this one about the Sedna extensions. On its cover you will find a lot of names well-known to the FoxPro community: Tamar Granor, Toni Feltman, Doug Hennig, Cathy Pountney, Rick Schummer, and Bo Durban joined forces to create an update book for what we hoped to see as an official Visual FoxPro 10.0 version: The Sedna extensions for VFP 9.0 which are now available for free from Microsoft. Today we may say that VFP 9.0 plus the Senda extensions equals a VFP 10, even if it does not bear that name.