Rescue in sight with Silverlight!

Rainer Becker

Dear FoxRockX reader,

the publisher of FoxRockX magazine, the FoxPro User group of German Language Inc., is happy to report good news: Our plans to offer a migration path for Visual FoxPro developers have taken big steps forward!

The Visual FoxPro Roadshow 2010 toured various cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as announced in our May issue of FoxRockX, and the attendees called it a great success. To a beginner, starting work with .NET is like scheduling a visit to the dentist's, unpleasant and often postponed. If you took a look at Silverlight before, just on your own, you may never have got far enough to make it worth the effort. But in the step by step introductions at our roadshow, a lot of details are made clear.

And with our brilliant upcoming migration tool, the Silverlight Converter Community Edition, a lot of Visual FoxPro developers certainly should have a smooth start moving to the world of .NET, and get it done preserving form and report layouts as well as lots of your business code!

We even taught Silverlight how to execute FoxPro code (fxp) at the front-end in any browser on any operating system. Maybe you'll agree that now is the best time ever to move! The community edition of our Silverlight Converter comes at no charge for dFPUG members and FoxRockX Subscribers, the professional edition is bundled with our framework, Visual Extend.

If you are a FoxRockX subscriber or a registered attendee of the SWFox DevCon, you can attend our updated roadshow event as a SWFox Post-DevCon workshop, on Monday 18th October 2010 free of charge! Just bring your copy of this issue of FoxrockX or your SWFox attendee badge for a full workshop day. The workshop will be loaded with state-of-the-art sessions about how to move your Visual FoxPro applications forward! On page 7 of FoxRockX' May issue you find the complete agenda of the event, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

The workshop is NOT just a sales show for our framework Visual Extend. You can use everything straight  away. And as a subscriber you will get the community edition with a FoxRockX issue for free as well. Read the testimonials on the page. Or listen to the podcast of the interview with our product manager, Uwe Habermann at The FoxShow for a first impression.

If the articles in FoxRockX and the sessions at the roadshow are not enough for you, consider attending  the 17th annual VFP DevCon Germany from November 11th to 13th 2010 in Frankfurt, Germany. See There you can attend a track lasting 3 days about how to migrate your existing applications to a new world, and how to do it taking a minimal risk, achieving maximum results, and with a great new user interface your users will love!