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Dear Reader, Dear Subscriber,

We are proud to welcome you to the first issue of a new magazine dedicated to FoxPro, FoxRockX! As you may know we have taken over, and will be fulfilling, all existing subscriptions to FoxTalk 2.0 from Eli Journals (formerly Pinnacle Publishing). FoxRockX will also act as the successor to FoxPro Advisor for those parts of the world where we fulfill those subscriptions.

As you all know, FoxPro has, over the years, often been declared as dead and yet there appeared to be some truth in the saying that "those said to be dead do live longer". However, with the formal announcement by Microsoft in April 2007 that there would not be a Visual FoxPro Version 10.0 it seemed that the death knell for FoxPro was finally being sounded. Of course, Microsoft did undertake to complete the work on the Sedna project (to allow Visual FoxPro to better integrate with the Windows Vista platform), to complete and deliver Visual FoxPro 9.0 Service Pack 2 and to maintain support for Visual FoxPro until the year 2015.

Perhaps surprisingly (to those who do not know us) the FoxPro community is alive, well and keeps going as if nothing had happened. Worldwide there are about one hundred thousand active users of FoxPro and an amazingly large number of FoxPro applications in production. A major Fox Community initiative is currently centered on extending the functionality and continuing the usability of Visual FoxPro through the VFPX project.

And that's where FoxRockX comes into play. We are committed to providing the best dedicated magazine for FoxPro Developers worldwide. Our list of authors includes many names already familiar to you and we will be actively encouraging contributions from new authors. Great articles from great developers will help you hone your skills and increase your productivity. So what can you do?

Join FoxRockX today at our affordable rates (which include access to one of the world's largest on-line archives of articles on Visual FoxPro). We already have more than a thousand subscribers for this first issue and we hope that you will help to spread the word and help us expand the readership even further. After all, the wider our membership, the more material we will be able to provide. Here are the details:

FoxRockX will be published bimonthly with 24 pages DIN A4 (same size as FoxTalk) and all subscriptions include access to the complete on-line archive of FoxTalk.

Annual on-line Subscription US$ 99.00 / 85 EUR


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On-line articles, archives and companion materials will be accessible through the "FoxRockX" tab at http://portal.dfpug.de/. We provide the entire archive of articles and source code for all FoxTalk past issues. The access credentials will be sent with the confirmation of your subscription.